Have you heard? Pruning Sweep Revamp!

Have you heard? Pruning Sweep Revamp!

New and drastically improved.

Landquip has now been manufacturing pruning sweeps for over 30 years. We have listened to our customers, joined heads with industry leaders and consulted top engineers, to come up with the ideal Sweep. Whether it be for an orchard or a vineyard, our new design ensures 100% efficiency.
Here is some key points that highlight the quality and design excellence.

1. Designed and built in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, a major fruit and wine-growing centre!

2. Offering X8 different models to ensure all needs can be met.

3. Many different mounting options including ‘ERO’ Mount adaptors, fixed- subframe, 3-point-linkage.

4. Top of the line USA made ‘Parker’ hydraulic motors.

5. A strategically positioned break-away spring on each side to prevent any damage to vines, trees, posts and the machine itself.

6. Engineered using ‘DU-bushes’ in all pivot points, which are Teflon coated and do not require any grease (which attracts damaging dust.

Please get in touch to find out where you can get yours!