History of the ‘Hustler’ Forklift. – Landquip
History of the ‘Hustler’ Forklift.

History of the ‘Hustler’ Forklift.

After 50 years as the leading name in tractor-mounted forklifts, Hustler Equipment has passed the baton to Landquip, who has now been the proud owners for the last 5 years.
The two companies are not strangers to each other, having worked closely together for decades.
While the name on the side of the forklifts have changed, customers can be assured that Landquip has upheld the Hustler tradition of innovation and manufacturing excellence.

“We’re happy to see Hustler Forklifts pass into the hands of a company with which we’ve always enjoyed a close relationship. Having assisted us with R&D and forklift repairs for many years, Landquip knows our products intimately and shares the same values when it comes to equipment design and manufacture.” – Brent Currie, Hustler Equipment Inc.

Since then, we have strived to re-instate these forklifts to their rightful place as the number 1 tractor-mounted forklift in Australia, as they are in New Zealand.
We are proud to offer customers the complete set-up, including the hydraulics, controls and the subframe, within a very short lead time.

Already now a major part of Landquip, we are excited for the continued growth expected in the years to come!

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