Grape Gondolas

Grape Gondolas

Landquip grape harvesting Gondola Bins are used in the majority of New Zealand vineyards.

Volume sizes vary between 3.8m3 and 9.4m3 (about 10 tonnes) capacity, with various models able to fit along narrow rows. The gondolas have many proven features including the rolled bottom for smooth tipping of grapes and a very high pivot point so they tip directly into high-sided cartage trailers.

Units Available:

  • 11 tonne
  • 10 tonne
  • 6 tonne
  • 4 tonne


  • Walking beam on tandem axel model
  • Electric scales fitted
  • Higher pivot point for high sided trucks
  • Custom colours and branding


  • Well proven design and most commonly used in NZ
  • Rolled base gives low center of gravity ensuring greater stability